What is Exotica?
Exotica is an events management company which has been operating since 2012 exclusively on the island of Cyprus.
“At Exotica we believe the music, the ideas, sounds, groove, beats, rhythms, vocals should all be timeless and inspiring.
From 1950's jazz to 1960's psychedelic rock to 1980's electro, if creativity and originality is placed in the creation of music then this will still be felt and heard decades after the recording. At our parties and through our mixes you will hear the scope of music that we play and love.”

The making of... the illustration flyer 

I was asked to create a flyer for the first Exotica 2015 outdoor event at Ammos which is a big day in Cyprus too, that is Flood Festival day.

Water is the main focus of the festival because all coastal cities organize concerts, games and other events near the waterfront.

So I thought it would be great to put together tropical green elementswater and a design which calls the attention to the beginning of summer.

If you liked the project or it has inspired you
it would be cool if

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